Unprofitable Instruments


I enjoy personalizing my instruments with simple carvings in the peg area.  Small decorations like this can be added to any instrument for $40.

A fleur-de-lis

An owl

A nightingale

A Fightin' Blue Hen, University of Delaware mascot.

A bee

A cat's paw

Depending on the instrument, more extensive decoration is available, price negotiable.

An owl pegbox (front)

An owl pegbox (back)

Eagle heads on monochords

Dragon head on tromba marina

Lion head on tromba marina

Decorative back of a citole

Rose on a citole

Ram roses on dichords

Deluxe soundhole on a trichord

Soundhole on a trichord

Deluxe soundholes on monochords

Deluxe soundholes on monochords